martes, 20 de septiembre de 2011

Ch 16- Social Change

Social change is something that differentiates modern societies to underdeveloped societies. But sometimes a society that hasn't gone through much social change is a society that is more colorfull and interesting. But social change that benefits the society like improvement in medical fascilities, or in water, or pollution is something that is always welcome.

Ch 15- Urbanization

Thanks to medical advances, better health oportunities and medical advances, people are becoming more fertile and families are growing. But the problem is that to sustain a family you need jobs, which the most profitable are located in the city. So this is why many people from the outskirts of the big cities move into these cities in search for a better life, better jobs, better educational oportunities and better health options.

Ch 14- Education

Throught education is how society broadens their knowledge of culture, history, values, and social norms. Is where most people get to develop their social abilities and get to create their job skills.
School depends on socialization, cultural innovation and social integration.
The problems that arise in school are the kids that drop out, the violence that  we see now a days, lack of discipline and moral values, etc.

Ch 13- Family

The family is the first social group in which we belong. It helps us become the people that we grow up to be, affects our personalities, and its purpose is to prepare everyone for the outside world.

Ch 12- Economy

There are two types of economic systems: capitalism and socialism.
Capitalism is when the leaders of the economy are the owners of private companies and organizations, and decide themselves where the profit is going to be invested in. Socialism, on the other side, is an economic system in which the profits, the means of production are owned by the whole country, and everyone benefits equally by the profit.

Ch 11- Race

Race is just a category given to a certain group of people who share the same culture, the same ethnicity, and the same traditions most of the time. But sometimes race is something used to distinguish people and judge them, without knowing more about each individual person, but instead just placing them in a group and generalizing their actions and thoughts.